Identify FBA Discrepancies Through Audits to Boost Sales

Jina Yoo
7 mins to read
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Discover common discrepancies in FBA audits and learn how to resolve them effectively. Optimize your Amazon FBA business with our comprehensive guide. Refully's Amazon reimbursement software can streamline your audit process and maximize your reimbursements.


Managing an Amazon FBA business comes with its challenges, one of the most significant being inventory discrepancies. These discrepancies can lead to lost revenue and operational inefficiencies. Understanding and resolving these issues is crucial for maintaining a healthy business. In this post, we'll explore common FBA discrepancies, how to identify and resolve them, and how using services like Refully can help optimize your reimbursement process.

What Are Common Types of FBA Discrepancies

Amazon FBA discrepancies can arise from various sources, including:

Missing, Lost, or Damaged Inventory: Items that are unaccounted for or damaged during handling. These discrepancies can occur due to miscounts, misplacements, or damage during transit or within Amazon's fulfillment centers. For example, a product might get damaged while being moved around in the warehouse or misplaced into the wrong bin.
• Customer Returns Discrepancies: Errors in processing customer returns. This can include situations where customers are refunded without returning the product, items are returned in a different condition, or returns are not properly recorded in the system. Such discrepancies can lead to inventory inaccuracies and financial losses.
• Destroyed Inventory: Inventory that is disposed of without seller notification. Sometimes, Amazon may decide to destroy inventory deemed unsellable without informing the seller. This can result in unexpected losses unless properly audited and addressed.
• Overcharged Fees: Incorrect fee assessments based on inaccurate product dimensions or weights. If Amazon records incorrect measurements for your products, it can lead to higher storage and shipping fees. Regular checks are necessary to ensure fees are accurately applied.

Using Amazon Reimbursement Services

Amazon reimbursement services can help you recover lost funds due to discrepancies. These services audit your FBA transactions, identify reimbursement opportunities, and manage the claim process for you. Utilizing these services can save time and ensure you receive all eligible reimbursements. By handling the complex claim process, these services allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while maximizing your reimbursement returns.

Post-Audit Actions and Best Practices

Refully’s Amazon reimbursement software offers several advantages:

• Automated Auditing: The software automatically scans your transactions for discrepancies, reducing the need for manual checks. It can detect issues such as lost inventory, overcharged fees, and incorrect returns processing.
• Claim Management: Refully streamlines the filing and tracking of reimbursement claims. The software ensures that all necessary documentation is submitted and tracks the status of your claims in real-time, increasing the likelihood of successful reimbursements.
• Real-Time Reporting: Provides up-to-date information on your reimbursement status. Refully’s dashboard allows you to see the progress of your claims, the amount recovered, and any pending issues, providing transparency and control over the reimbursement process.

Best Practices for Preventing Future Discrepancies

• Properly Label Your Inventory: Ensure all items are correctly labeled.
• Use Amazon’s Inventory Placement Service: Consolidate your inventory to reduce the risk of loss.
• Conduct Regular Audits: Regularly check your inventory and records for accuracy.
• Train Your Team: Educate your staff on Amazon's requirements and best practices.


FBA discrepancies can significantly impact your business’s profitability. By understanding common discrepancies, learning how to resolve them, and using tools like Refully’s Amazon reimbursement software, you can optimize your audit process and maximize reimbursements. Stay proactive and ensure your inventory management practices are robust to prevent future issues.